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18th century string rims on dated bottles

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The shape of the string rim can be a useful dating tool.  Here are eight string rims on dated bottles from the eighteenth century.  Prior to about 1750 the top of the neck was smoothed but not pressed back down onto the string rim.  Between about 1750 and 1760 the neck was smoothed back to form effectively a double string rim.

Bottles from the early part of the century often have chips and breakage in the top of the neck due to the force required to open the bottle.  The double string rim is less liable to break.

This is the top of a bladder onion sealed SW, 1725

This is the top of a mallet sealed RL 1740

This is the top of a large squat cylinder
Sealed I M Furnance 1770


This is the top of a mallet bottle sealed J Bryant, Bampton 1776


This is the top of a cylinder sealed James Okes, Bury, 1777